Chiral Analysis Method Development

Establishing the best analysis method requires actual screening and optimization of conditions. BOC Sciences provides a comprehensive screening strategy and method validation for customers who want to develop and optimize chiral testing methods. We can guide you in choosing a combination of stationary phase, mobile phase, and chromatography that can most effectively separate compounds while ensuring the least method development time.

Our Advantages

  • We choose the most suitable chromatographic combination mode for our customers
  • Diverse chiral techniques
  • Assist customers in developing methods or optimizing known analytical methods
  • Validation-prepare for bulk publishing and stability

Method Development

The development of chiral methods is to find a reliable and stable method that is efficient, safe and minimizes the steps required to meet expected goals. To maximize the quality of the service, we can develop different chiral methods (such as crystallization, enzymatic, HPLC, SFC, LC/MS, normal phase, reverse phase, etc.) to quickly explore the separation conditions and obtain the fastest results.

Method Optimization

Chiral method optimization is to explore the most suitable chiral separation compound optimization factors and determine the ideal separation conditions (ideal is non-gradable) to provide the highest efficiency, highest yield and purity. The goal of the method optimization is to scale up the production of chiral molecules.

Method Verification

Method validation is carried out in accordance with ICH guidelines or customer-defined agreements. We provide a batch release and stability verification while ensuring the integrity of file data.

Our Project Workflow

Chiral Analysis Method Development

Sample Requirement

  • sample status: solid sample
  • residual solvent: cleaned up
  • chemical purity: above 98%
  • chiral purity: a small amount of racemate, or a mixture of two enantiomers(≥10mg)
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